JWJ Leadership & Organizing Training

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Jobs with Justice Leadership and Organizing Training



This 1-day, experiential organizing training will enable participants to be more effective leaders and organizers and create winning campaigns. Together, we will leave the training able to do work this moment requires.

The training provides practical organizing skills and delivers a common organizing language and tools. We will develop a shared political and economic analysis regarding working people’s struggle for justice. We will leave with a vision of what we are building together and how to tackle the work we are doing in Chicago and Illinois.

The Training’s Core Principles

«  The training is grounded in the principles of solidarity, building long-term reciprocal relationships among and between diverse constituencies, direct action and mobilization, as well as understanding the motivations of social justice opponents and the techniques we need to win victories and build our power.  

«  The training is embedded in the concepts of agitation, accountability and personal mastery.  Agitation is the process of challenging people to grow and to act from their values. Accountability is the idea of following through with your commitments to the organization and your allies. Personal mastery is a concept that promotes alignment between social justice leaders’ values and behavior. 

«  In addition to agitation, the training is designed to be interactive and supportive.  The training requires that all participants share their experience and perspective throughout the training.  The training also includes many large and small group exercises and games that simulate real-life scenarios to help transmit concepts in an experiential manner.  These exercises require participants work together as teams and to support each other and be supported. 

People love this training-you will be glad you participated. Your training team: Ada Fuentes, Jobs with Justice, Janel Bailey, Black Workers Center (in Los Angeles), Joe Thomas, Jobs with Justice, and more.


Cost: $50 union org/$25 community org

Breakfast & Lunch provided

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