National Organization for Women Action

Since 2002, the National Organization of women (NOW) has been fighting Wal-marts corporate greed through their Merchant of Shame as part of its Women Friendly Workplace Campaign. Wal-Mart's dismal record contradicts the worker-friendly image it projects to the public. Sadly, wal-mart to this day has still not met the needs of associates and no friend of women. Not only is Walmart’s low wages are not good for any workers, but they especially hurt women. A study from 2001 found that female Walmart employees at all levels earned less than their male counterparts. Women at Walmart earned $5,200 less per year than men, on average. Women who worked in hourly positions earned $1,100 less than men in the same position. Women in salaried positions earned $14,500 less than men in the same position, To learn more click here. Join NOW, OUR Walmart, Warehouse Workers for Justice, Making Change at Walmart and Chicago Jobs with Justice in showing Walmart they can't hide their greedy side and we want Justice Now! 

570 West Monroe
Event Date: 
07/05/2013 (All day)